Why Work in Real Estate?

A career in real estate

As a career, real estate really is what you make it. There are so many different kinds of real estate careers, from residential to commercial, business broking and buyers agent – just to name a few. We often hear that real estate professionals enjoy the flexibility and lifestyle this profession can provide.

Check out a few more of the benefits of a real estate career below:

The benefits of a real estate career

No degree required!

Unlike other professions, you don’t need to study for three years plus at university to get started. With the REIQ’s online study options and scheduled classes, you can start any time and complete at your own pace.


Once you have your qualifications there are a variety of career paths to explore, including real estate salesperson, property manager, corporate support, principal or business owner and auctioneer, plus many more!

Hard work is rewarded

If you’re working as a salesperson or business owner, the harder you work and the better service you provide generally means the more you can earn! With a great attitude, good work ethic, and the right skills and tools there’s no ceiling to your potential earnings.

Your job is portable!

Real estate professionals live and work all over Queensland. Thinking of a sea change? You’re very likely to find real estate businesses there, or you can start your own!

Be your own boss, or work for someone else

If independence appeals to you – with a Real Estate Agent Licence you can open your own business, whether it’s a large agency with a number of employees working out of a shopfront, or just yourself working from home. If you’d prefer to work for someone else there are also plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Hard work is rewarded

Real estate offers flexible hours so you enjoy a rewarding career and work life balance.

Changing careers?

Real estate offers people of all ages and from all walks of life the opportunity to embark on highly successful careers. Your career so far may have helped you cultivate skills and experience that will benefit you in the real estate profession, including potentially:

Business skills – Business skills held by those people with a financial or small business background are very valuable in real estate

Trade skills – Practical knowledge gained while working in a trade (particularly a building or property-related trade) are also useful

Sales skills – Sales skills are transferable from other industries and can be applied across many aspects of the real estate profession

Admin and planning skills – Planning and administration skills from office and corporate work will stand you in good stead in real estate

Service and communication skills – Customer service and communication skills from retail and hospitality work are also easily applied in real estate and very helpful!

Community – You may have built networks (and therefore a potential future customer base) as a result of being involved in local community groups, sporting teams, school ‘parents and friends’ groups – the list goes on!

Buying and selling property – Experience gained during your own property rental and purchase activities throughout your life may also provide valuable insight into real estate customer needs

Starting in real estate as your first career has many benefits

You can be successful in real estate at any age and with varying amounts of experience. It is a profession that rewards hard work, talent and persistence. Some of Queensland’s most successful real estate business owners (such as Jean Brown and Haesley Cush) started straight out of school. Here are four reasons it’s a great idea to start in real estate straight as a first career:

Start earning while you’re learning!

Most of our students are already working (many of them in real estate businesses) which is why we offer a variety of flexible options for study that you can fit it in around your day job.

No degree required!

Unlike other professions, you don’t need to study for three years plus at University to get started. And with a price tag starting at $900, it’s a lot more affordable than Uni too.

One course = many opportunities!

Once you have your qualifications (either registration or licence), there are a variety of career paths to explore including sales agent, property manager, corporate support, principal or business owner and auctioneer plus many more.

Learn valuable, portable skills!

Real estate gives you the chance to lean skills that are valuable across many different careers such as negotiation, teamwork, sales and administration – the list goes on!

Real Estate Career Paths

Real estate offers such a wide variety of roles that if you identify something you enjoy, chances are you can find it here!

For example, Property Management calls on your organisational ability, communication skills and attention to detail. Real estate sales may suit a good communicator with excellent customer service skills who can work autonomously. Business broking may appeal to someone financially literate who enjoys negotiation.

There are so many different opportunities, including commercial real estate, buyer’s agency, business ownership, residential letting and auctioneering to name just a few. There’s something for everyone! If you’ve got a real estate career in mind, we can find you the right course. Simply contact us or check out a few of the options below.

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Shinade Marie Rasmussen
Shinade Marie Rasmussen
17 Jun 2024
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
Studying the registration course with The REIQ was the best experience! The content was engaging and the workbooks were really well set out and visually appealing. The learning portal was extremely easy to navigate and the process of uploading and submitting assessments was seamless. And of course, the training team were FANTASTIC. They were so helpful and always happy to assist. I could not have had a better experience and I wouldn't recommend anywhere else. :)
25 Apr 2024
4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
As an online course I found that if I needed support (by phone) it was an easy matter of booking a spot. The staff were all approachable and helpful. The booklets are easy to follow. The course requires 100% pass mark so it means going back to the drawing board for every mistake no matter how small. Allow time for this, as marking is not necessarily immediate. The multiple choice questions were straight forward. The practice questions required the filling out of contracts online, access to forms through realworks, and the uploading of files. The more competent one is with a computer, the easier that will be. Any glitches I personally had were sorted without drama so on that basis I would recommend this Certificate IV course which covers both sales and property management. I also now get one year free Registration to REIQ so that's an added bonus too.
Isabel Daley
Isabel Daley
15 Jul 2024
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
After 6 months I’ve finished my Cert IV in Real Estate. Cluster 3 was quite challenging, but got a lot of support at the end. Thanks to the team. I will recommend this course to everyone Thank you
T Love
T Love
15 Jul 2024
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
I have just finished my course with REIQ. All the teachers are very professional and knowledgeable, staff are super helpful and supportive. I had great experiences learning with REIQ. Highly recommended!

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